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Cramer Management Consultants

About CMC Human Resource Consultants

  • Our Vision

    Our Vision

    CMC's vision is to be a model of excellence and teamwork in human resource consulting. We want to be a strategic business partner in developing HR programs and best practices that make our clients an employer of choice.

  • Our Mission

    Our Mission

    To deliver a positive impact on a client’s productivity and effectiveness in HR, we assist them in building fair, consistent, clear and innovative HR solutions. We do this by providing accurate, practical, reliable and timely information for their business decisions, and by delivering programs for employee development in critical areas.

    We’re committed to a balanced support of organizational and individual needs that fits our client companies’ culture and vision. We strive to be a catalyst for positive change. Therefore we envision companies where work relationships really work…where employees are becoming first-rate thinkers …and where everyone is fully engaged in what they do. At  CMC, we stay up-to-date on what is happening in Human Resources so that our clients get the service they deserve and expect. And where we don’t have expertise, we provide other resources or referrals to ensure the job is done well.

  • Our History

    Our History

    Eileen Cramer, SPHR, is the Founder, Principal and Sr. Consultant of CMC. She has nearly 20 years of experience providing comprehensive human resource services to organizations in a broad range of industries including manufacturing, aerospace, service, healthcare, public sector and non-profit entities. In addition to independent consulting, her career history includes key positions with the State of New Jersey, and AAIM, the Employer Association in Connecticut. Her expertise includes job analysis and evaluation, training and development, performance management and executive coaching. Eileen maintains a senior level certification in HR and has a B.A. in Psychology.

    Eileen believes continual learning matters and has a profound impact on every person in every business. She attributes her own success to the incredible clients she's had the privilege to partner with. They continue to challenge her, trust her, and provide a steady stream of new insights. Their successes are the fuel that

Cramer Management Consultants
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