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Cramer Management Consultants

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Job Analysis Process

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Our process is efficient and effective with minimal disruption of company schedules. We value your time, so we use well-structured tools that give us the information we need quickly.job analysis process Most importantly, we work with you to determine the focus and format to meet your goals.

Skilled Analysts:

  • Help you select appropriate processes to ensure buy-in from key managers, decision-makers and employees to accomplish the required result.

  • Collect information from a variety of sources using methods such as observation, individual or group interviews (with job incumbents), questionnaires validated by supervisors, critical incidents, equipment design/process, and any additional information your company provides. Secondary sources are used when appropriate.

  • Examine the job with standardized, objective and systematic methods to determine relevant job components. This evaluation is the core of the process. Tasks and other job features are categorized and scaled regarding diversity of functions, complexity, and judgment exercised. Analysts assess and verify minimum knowledge, skills and abilities, required mental and cognitive processes, effects of errors, supervision given and received, and relationship to others. Environmental conditions, use of equipment and physical demands are carefully considered. Essential and nonessential functions are identified to ensure job standards and criteria are related to essential functions only, for compliance with current federal and state regulations. The job’s main purpose is revealed. The scope and impact of the position is carefully weighed.

  • Document the facts and conclusions in summary form of job description and job specifications. The job description is the most visible output of the analysis process. CMC’s written job descriptions include job summary, clear, concise statements regarding the responsibilities and essential duties of the position that are ADA compliant. Key qualifications of the job as well as specific credentials and skills are easily identified. CMC provides additional documentation for exempt/nonexempt status under the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA). Together, these documents provide a basis for job.

  • Review documentation with management personnel. The job description and job specifications are validated, refined and used as a basis for all human resource related actions of the company. The documentation can be updated independently as any job changes occur.

  • Job Analysis

    Job analysis is a tried-and-true process and absolutely foundational to accomplishing your

  • Job Analysis Process

    Our process is efficient and effective with minimal disruption of company schedules. We va

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