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Cramer Management Consultants

Job Evaluation Process


CMC's's approach to job evaluation will leave you with well-defined jobs, fair and equitable compensation structures that relate to the market, and strategies for maintaining competitive pay throughout the years.

{jb_purpledisc} {/jb_pupledisc}Generally job evaluation relies on thorough job analysis, where the delineation of job duties and responsibilities (i.e., a job description) and essential knowledge, skills and abilities (i.e., job specifications), have been defined.

Job Evaluation Steps

Identifying Compensable Factors

CMC first assists the company in identifying compensable factors (how the work adds value to organization). These factors are commonly present throughout a group of jobs. Because all factors do not hold the same importance, these factors are then scaled by various degrees and weighted by importance to the employer.

Determining Relative Job Value

CMC recommends using a point factor system to determine the relative worth of a job, such as the National Position Evaluation Plan, which meets all these requirements. The point factor method is the most widely used job evaluation method in the U.S. It is simple to understand yet much more sophisticated than ranking or other classification methods.

Classifying the Job

CMC's trained evaluators classify each job, applying the job evaluation system before the pay structures are even a consideration. This ensures the evaluator remains focused on assessing the internal equity without allowing past compensation practices to influence how this position will be viewed.

Typical major categories include skills, responsibilities, complexity, effect of errors, effort and working conditions. Separate factors are used to evaluate exempt and nonexempt jobs involving work of clerical, technical, supervisory, managerial, administrative, professional, service or sales nature.

All jobs are classified using the appropriate unit. Multiple units accommodate different functional groups (i.e., managerial, administrative, technical and/or manufacturing)

Reviewing Pay Policies

In the final step of job evaluation, CMC reviews your organization's pay policies and compensation levels in light of the classification. Your company is provided with a full analysis and comparison to the market wages for similar positions. We use the most current, industry-specific data which are gathered from multiple sources and compiled by reliable compensation research organizations. After assessing what your company’s goals for compensation are, CMC develops “best-fit” compensation structures for use in improving or maintaining market position.

Effective job evaluation gives you the best opportunity to attract and retain high quality employees. Call CMC today! Your investment in job evaluation will bring value for years to come.


Cramer Management Consultants
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