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What We Audit

Human Resource Auditing Reviews Cramer Management Consultants

A clear snapshot of your current "health" in human resource management

What is reviewed in HR Audits?

  • Company structure, culture, and environment
  • Current plans in human resource management
  • Hiring process, selection of staff, onboarding, and orientation
  • Compensation & benefits policies & procedures
  • Employee Handbooks
  • Training & development systems
  • Safety Programs
  • Performance management & coaching systems
  • Recognition, rewards & retention systems
  • Employee relations, discipline and communications
  • Employee record keeping & file management
  • Management Diversity
  • Terminating Employment practices

Note: Because CMC must have access to relevant information contained in files and other confidential documents of the organization we provide a signed confidentiality agreement. Our professionals hold all documents, manuals, handbooks, forms and reports in strict confidentiality and consider them classified information.