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Cramer Management Consultants


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  • Assertive Communication Skills

    Do your words and actions tell others you're a credible, reliable professional and a person who can be counted on? Learn concrete skills to communicate clearly, create rapport, build trust and establish your credibility with anyone. Learn positive techniques for dealing with criticism and delivering constructive feedback to co-workers, employees, even the boss. Say no without guilt or creating resentment. Understand the power of first impressions

  • Critical Communication Skills

    Success in the workplace today requires interpreting verbal and non-verbal communication quickly to determine an effective response and exchange high quality information. In this fast-paced course you will learn how to obtain rapport and build trust quickly and easily, as well as develop non-defensive communication and other practical communication skills that you can use right away. Assess and sharpen verbal and nonverbal behaviors and skills. Increase your listening skills and ask the right questions for maximum

  • Fine Art of Listening

    Two ears and one mouth; that’s what we all have! Yet most of us talk more than listen and we fail to ask the right questions to find the answers we need. This workshop helps you improve your listening skills with specific tools. You will discover the power that listening and asking holds to unlocking conflicts and misconceptions. Assess your own communication style and practice skills necessary to building better working relationships, creating buy-in and empowering others

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Cramer Management Consultants
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