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Cramer Management Consultants

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Wednesday, 12 June 2013 17:39

Employee Handbook Review

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Employment laws and regulations change quickly these days. If you haven’t had a review in a while, chances are your handbook is not up to date with current federal and state employment law. CMC can review, revise, and improve your current handbook.

We will read every word of it and provide a detailed written and verbal report that:

  • Highlights which policies are up-to-date and comply with Federal & State employment laws
  • Details what changes need to be made for compliance with regulations
  • Details inconsistent or conflicting policies
  • Includes a listing of required policies to be added
  • Suggests additions and deletions provided in MS format
  • Reveals language that could create company liability
Wednesday, 12 June 2013 17:37

Handbook Development

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There is only one thing worse than a poorly written, outdated handbook.And that would be not having one at all. And many companies do not.

That might be because developing a handbook can be time consuming and expensive. So some companies adopt another company's handbook or download a generic product from the internet. That can save you time and money, right? However, borrowing another company's handbook or buying generic employment policies and handbooks can end up costing you more money in liability claims and compliance issues.

There is nothing generic about your company, its culture, or the way your company uniquely communicates. Communicating policies to employees is certainly one place where one size will never fit all.

In addition, employment laws and regulations vary from state to state, so they are not generic. And federal law changes quickly at times, so you cannot guarantee your "generic" policy is up to date. So why expose your company to unnecessary risk? Liability claims or compliance issues can be very costly.

CMC can help you create and maintain a legally compliant and effective employee handbook/policy manual. Let us save you time and energy. We will develop an employment handbook that communicates your culture to your employees while providing guidance and information about the company’s history, mission, values, policies, procedures and benefits in a clear and concisely written format.

  • Serve as a guide on the company's culture
  • Communicate value to the employee
  • Are a reference guide for both managers and employees
  • Reflect the expectations of management
  • Protect the company by describing clear policies and employment relationships
  • Helps enforce the policies and gives the employer a basis for important personnel actions
  • Answer recurring questions that your employees want and need to know
  • Proves employment policies are  consistent with current employment laws

Human Resource Auditing Process

CMC’s Audit Process can spot areas that require closer alignment with the business goals of the company.


CMC’s Audit Process

  • An initial meeting with senior management is conducted to understand your business strategy and specific, pressing issues.
  • Information requests are forwarded to you prior to the audit. The necessary information is reviewed to minimize disruption in your schedules.
  • CMC maximizes the on-site review visit by asking your company to complete a few forms and questionnaires about current HR policies and practices prior to our visit.
    (This allows us to identify key areas during the HR audit and spend less of your time gathering information.)
  • An on-site visit to your facility is scheduled to interview staff regarding HR policies and practices. Audit checklists are completed. During this on-site visit, we also review HR records and postings. Random personnel files are examined. Compensation, employee claims, disciplinary actions, grievances and other relevant, related information are reviewed.
  • We then thoroughly assess current HR practices, programs and review all information gathered. We identify gaps between business objectives and HR activities. We identify applicable federal and state labor laws and note compliance issues. We review what your organization is doing well and where it can improve. With this information you can align the HR function more closely with the real needs of the business. It makes sure investments in HR are directed where they are most needed.

What is the End Result?

CMC provides a confidential in-depth report on our specific findings plus recommendations in each of the above areas. Our report is a quick, cost-effective way to get a clear understanding of your existing situation, spot areas of highest priority and plan specific steps required to avoid costly mistakes. CMC will help you evaluate the impact of corrective measures, develop a plan of action and realize a tremendous return on your investment in managing your human capital.


What We Audit

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Human Resource Auditing Reviews Cramer Management Consultants

A clear snapshot of your current "health" in human resource management

What is reviewed in HR Audits?

  • Company structure, culture, and environment
  • Current plans in human resource management
  • Hiring process, selection of staff, onboarding, and orientation
  • Compensation & benefits policies & procedures
  • Employee Handbooks
  • Training & development systems
  • Safety Programs
  • Performance management & coaching systems
  • Recognition, rewards & retention systems
  • Employee relations, discipline and communications
  • Employee record keeping & file management
  • Management Diversity
  • Terminating Employment practices

Note: Because CMC must have access to relevant information contained in files and other confidential documents of the organization we provide a signed confidentiality agreement. Our professionals hold all documents, manuals, handbooks, forms and reports in strict confidentiality and consider them classified information.


Cramer Management Consultants
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